Monday, July 18, 2016


I've been away from blogging for nearly two years now and in that time a lot of change had occurred, as tends to happen. Recently however I've been thinking about getting back into it -- not because I missed it, but because I wanted to miss it. It should stand to reason that someone who likes writing and blogs should like writing a blog, right?

Some updates:
  • A little over a year ago I learned how to play Magic: the Gathering and it has become one of my main interests! I play 2-3 nights a week now.
  • I have recently lost a stone and a half, which is pretty cool. More on that when I'm comfortable discussing it.
  • I still own a home, and now also own a small business! Personally I feel this is far too much responsibility as I am basically an overgrown infant, but no one has caught me out yet.
 Hopefully I'll have some new posts out soon. (And hopefully a few of you will read them?)