Thursday, August 07, 2014

Doomplex Before Photos - Part Two

Hello! I'm back with part two of the dreaded before photos. This time the kitchen and bathroom are coming under the spotlight, in all their glory.

We decided to switch the kitchen and bathroom, a decision which has been expensive, messy, and pretty worthwhile. When we first saw the flat, the bathroom was fairly generous but the kitchen was tiny, and the opposite configuration was just far more favourable.

You might remember from part one that my bedroom had a doorway leading into a kitchen. The kitchen in question looked something like this:

Not so pretty, is she? Unfortunately, neither is her sister:

Though you can't see it here, this room is bigger but with a lot of wasted space. It is a sad state of affairs.

The kitchen and bathroom have since been ripped out and switched, so from here on out when I refer to one, I mean the new layout. It's kind of confusing. We still trip over it.

I know the place looks kind of like a house of horrors, but bear with me. I promise I am not completely crazy.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

We Can Sleep Where We Reside

It sounds obvious, but when you're in the process of decorating a house, you're permanently tuned into house stuff. My most copious Pinterest board is no longer beauty-based, and I get more excited about Grand Designs coming on than most anything else. Supermarket trips will never be the same again (did you see my Tesco bargain?) and yesterday's quick stop at M&S proved very fruitful when I picked up their home catalogue.

For some reason, I'd never really considered looking at M&S for homeware. I knew they did a home range, but I assumed it would consist of really expensive couches and cabinets with little to entice me. How wrong I was. For want of finding their A/W 2014 home catalogue online (I am probably missing a massive 'VIEW CATALOGUE' button on their website ... I blame NoScript) here are some scans of the home decor ideas that I am currently obsessing over.

This stuff just makes me swoon, particularly the dark walls and Victorian style bathroom fixtures. Today I put a few ads up on Rated People to get the last of the work finished, so that we can start decorating and moving in! I'll be sure to post some more before photos soon, as I'm hoping the afters will be worth it.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Doomplex Before Photos - Part One

I am rubbish at blogging to the point where I sometimes wonder why I still do it, but since buying a flat I realised that this is pretty much the perfect way to document its renovation. I've been meaning to post my before photos for a while, but I've been working constantly to pay for things so time is scarce. Nevertheless, here is my first round of before photos! ^_^

NB: We call the flat 'Doomplex' as it seemed suitable for a duplex apartment full of all my creepiness.


The bedroom was initially the living room, and when we went to view the flat, it looked like this:

The primary reason that I decided on having the living room as our bedroom was mainly the fact that the upstairs of the flat is an attic conversion, and my tall antique/repro furniture wouldn't fit in the rooms, nor would we have any wardrobe space. This is the biggest room in the flat.

After the room had been emptied, we lifted the carpets and were left with this:

As you can see, the whole room is really spacious and perfect for somewhere I tend to spend a lot of time. This last photo shows the door leading into the kitchen, with the steps partially demolished to ascertain what we could do with the space.

 Living room
Another reason I decided to have this room as the master bedroom is that the dining room (or third bedroom) had patio doors that led out onto some flat roof that would be perfect for decking.

That dark salmon wall colour is a real challenge to look at. Those cupboards also waste a lot of space. But through those patio doors, we have this:

How lovely is that? We are going to install floating decking here so that we can enjoy the garden space even more.

Since taking these photos we have done quite a bit of work to the flat, which I'm excited to share. I'll be back with another instalment of before photos soon, as these are very image-heavy, but I hope you see as much potential in this place as we did.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Let Your Blood Flow

I should really learn to schedule blog posts ...

Hello! Again! I have my hardest and scariest exam tomorrow, and I've been really upset about it throughout the entirety of my revision as it is not going well. However, I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never know more for it than I do right now, so I'm taking the night off to touch up my roots, clear out my old paperwork, and apparently write another blog post.

As I mentioned in my last one, I went to a Goth club! It was the Goth/industrial night at the QMU in Glasgow and it was a lot of fun. In preparation my new Goth buddy recommended a bunch of music to me as I'd never dabbled in industrial previously, and I am thus far a huge fan. It's basically Goth-appropriate dance music! Here are some of my favourite introductory tracks that have got me into the genre.

Get Your Body Beat - Combichrist

This is one of my favourite songs that I've discovered. Very good for blasting in the car.

The Noise Inside my Head - Assemblage 23

The namesake of my last post is this super catchy song. Assemblage 23 are definitely inspired by Goth which is probably why I like them so much.

Dirty - Grendel

Definitely a heavier, more electronic song here. Fun to thrash around to.

Alive - Assemblage 23

I love the riff in this! Another Assemblage song because this guy's voice is heavenly.

Feed the Fire - Combichrist

I think this one's featured on the Devil May Cry soundtrack. Another great one that's a bit more heavier and influenced by metal, from what I can hear. It is definitely a "shit's going down" song.

In This Together - Apoptygma Berzerk

More of an alternative/electro sound here. After all that, this song is just cute. I've been playing it a lot recently. :)

Monday, May 05, 2014

The Noise Inside My Head

I'm currently in the throes of final exams, but today I studied for six hours straight without realising so I gave myself the night off, and thought I might post on here. :)

Some news: I went to my first Goth club last Saturday night and it was absolutely fantastic! I didn't get a good photo of my outfit but it involved the Motel fishnet dress, a leather bra top, and New Rocks. I was a fan. ;)

I also ordered my first-ever corset from Orchard Corset last month, after seeing a few girls rocking them and finally giving in to my ever-present desire for one. I went for the CS-411 in black satin (I kind of wish I'd gone for the cotton one now, but alas, it looks so pretty!) and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Inspired by both of these I idly put together this collage whilst watching The Vampire Diaries this evening in my Cruella de Vil pyjamas. I am hardcore. It's basically my dream OTT club outfit, complete with feather eyelashes and ridiculous shoes.

(Clockwise: Stargazer 45 feather lashes, Twirly Trinkets choker, Jawbreaker 'Persephone' dress, JC 'Scully' dupes via eBay, Hell Bunny 20" petticoat, Leg Avenue tights, Orchard Corset CS-411 underbust corset, Barry M lipstick in 39.)

My image titles on here are always crazy long. Gotta get dem Google hits. Anyway, I am in love with basically everything on this page, but in particular, the Jawbreaker 'Persephone' dress is just so gorgeous that I'm almost sceptical that it wouldn't look that good in real life. The petticoat underneath is just DREAMY and corset would give everything a lovely shape. The fishnets are just kindling to my Gothic fire and the shoes ... Ah, the shoes. I'm rubbish at heels, so why do I want these? I blame Hannah, as per always. I probably wouldn't team those lashes with black lipstick but they just looked good. Though having finally mastered false lashes on Saturday night after literal years of crippling inability/despondency/laziness I am definitely in the market for a few utterly mental pairs to make me look like the creep I am. Having seen the outfits on Saturday, however, I'm definitely confident that this would fit right in.

Eventually I will post something on here that is not a collage but until then, I hope you enjoy this and if you're curious, the song lyric is Assemblage 23, an industrial band I am getting into a lot.

Good luck if you're doing exams(!!!) and I look forward to another update in my upcoming abundance of free time.

P. S. Excuse my hack job on the Twirly Trinkets choker ... I tried, Penny. I tried. <3