Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ride with the moon in the dead of night.

(Clockwise: Topshop Halloween print blouse, New Look floral slip dresses, Topshop choker, New Look ghost jumper, Topshop tulle skirt and fluffy jumper.)

A round-up of some things I've bought over the last couple of months -- a mixture of loan splurging and eBay revenue made these all possible. I've gotten rid of so much stuff lately that I felt I deserved a big ol' treat!

The Topshop Halloween print blouse is the coolest thing I've seen from them in a long time. I love the all-over horror print and pyjama styling. My only issue is that it's massive on me, so I need to have it taken in! I've also indulged in another one of their famous fluffy cropped jumpers; the purple makes me look like an extra from The Muppets and I love it. The tulle skirt was very reasonably priced (I got everything during the 20% off Unidays offer) and will come in handy for dressing up outfits with ease. Also, is anyone else thrilled that chokers are deemed to be 'in' again? I am looking forward to stocking up on some more extravagant ones, and I really hope that Twirly Trinkets sees some extra business. Finally I've bought a few things from New Look, a place I don't normally shop in. I loved the 90s feel of these slip dresses and as I've purged a lot of items from my wardrobe that no longer fit, I didn't have a dark winter floral dress and wanted to fill that gap. I also won a massage with this purchase! I couldn't resist the ghost jumper, either, which is very soft, and slightly oversized on me in the medium. I'm going to wear it to go out for lunch on the 31st!

I love this time of year as the shops go all spooky and Goth-appropriate. I always end up buying myself quite a bit in October, which I refuse to feel guilty about as that is what overtime is for. ^_^

Happy Halloween!


Julianne said...

I love that purple fluffy jumper, even though it would be the most impractical thing for me as my midriff always gets cold!

Harley said...

Thanks! I wear it over dresses, or with a camisole underneath, so it's actually a surprisingly practical little jumper! I'm definitely not one for midriff-baring, myself. ^_^

Hannah said...

Such perfect buys as always, Harley! I've been eyeing up those slip dresses myself, and that choker is epic too! Love the attitude to overtime haha that's a concept I can get behind xxx

Harley said...

^__^ Thanks! I realised the other day that alongside full-time study I travel three hours a day to get to uni/work (Monday-Saturday) and work 17 hours a week. It's crazy and I deserve to spoil myself! x