Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello Kitchen

 TK Maxx has been awesome for me when I've been shopping for homeware. One of my favourite departments is kitchenware, as you can get some nice, high-quality items and well-known brands for a decent price. I regularly see Joseph Joseph and Thermos items, and they always have great quality pots and pans. I live an exciting life. The other night I was just in my smaller, local store, so I wasn't expecting to find much when I stumbled upon these adorable Hello Kitty things!

I feel like every alternative girl has a soft spot for Hello Kitty. As my friend Meesh says, how can something without a mouth be so cute?! I did a little scurry-march over to the aisle and picked up this set of two biscuit/cake tins for £4.99, and these ceramic cannisters (which I will use for tea, coffee and sugar) for £2.99 each!

My kitchen colours are currently a rather predictable black, white and grey so I think the pink in these will be a really fun addition. ^_^ I've packed up the majority of my new house things, so I'm looking forward to moving more than ever now so that I can share some more of the thoroughly odd things I've collected.


Hannah said...

These are sososo cute! I'm always jealous of people's TK Maxx bargains because our store is a bit rubbish, and it's such a spontaneous thing - all about luck. Heart Hello Kitty though! Have missed your blogging! :) xxx

Harley said...

Oh it is about your luck. Some days I see absolutely nothing, and others I walk out laden with bags! That's sweet of you; I've really missed doing it too. xx

Michelle Katherine said...

These are such cute pieces, especially the jars!! Unfortunately there's no TK Maxx stress in Australia, so no chance of stumbling across such amazing finds :(

Harley said...

Aww that's a shame! Still, there is always eBay ... I equate it to my online TK Maxx. ^__^