Wednesday, April 02, 2014

February & March 10x10 Update

Hello! Today I'm sharing my progress throughout February and March in my self-imposed 10x10 makeup challenge. You can read about the rules here, and last month's update here.

I managed to use up another product in both January and February, bringing my total to 6 which I am very pleased with! This is way ahead of my schedule for using up 10 products throughout the year and I hope to keep it up.


The first product I finished was Topshop's Brighten highlighter in 'Moonlight', which was only okay. It did its job, but I need a more opaque concealer for under my eyes as I have hereditary dark circles. It does employ the YSL-style brush applicator, which I enjoy using, but no products like these seem to provide me with the coverage I need. The next product was Boots Seventeen's Doll'd Up mascara, which is fabulous. I really love the separation it gives to my lashes; I actually get a very similar effect to the Benefit They're Real! which thrills me as I can justify a £19.50 mascara less and less with each passing day.

Now, for the February and March purchases. I am happy to say that although I did buy makeup in the last two months, I spent just £25.97 on 6 items. My face powder was running low and I had just finished my mascara, so I took advantage of the Boots 3-for-2 offer and picked up the Maybelline The Colossal mascara (the yellow leopard tube?), a Collection face powder to try, and got a free nail polish which I'm obviously not including here. I also used my Boots points to buy a Revlon Matte Balm (I chose 'Shameless') as I couldn't get it anywhere during the 3-for-2 offer, so I'm not including that here. The other items I bought were three of the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers that I mentioned in my last post. I chose 'Reckless', 'Funk', and 'Kooky' and have loved each one. Finally, I purchased a Barry M lipstick after a friend at uni was wearing it and the colour looked lovely: number 146 'Dolly Pink'.

So, that leaves me with either 4 items left for the year, or £74.03 to spend. I think the latter feels more likely. ;)

I've been so happy with my progress this year, so thank you for taking the time to read about it. I'll be back on here soon with some exciting flat-related things, as I get the keys on Friday!

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Hannah said...

You are doing so well with this, I'm so impressed! I'm tempted to try it, but I am always running out of face powder and mascara so I don't think I'd do very well with it! I really want to try the Matte Balm you bought.

Also, agreed about 'They're Real' - I also found that over time it started to actually break my lashes because it's so long lasting and volumising it's quite hard-wearing on them and I found that even with the gentlest eye makeup removing methods it was causing damage. So I've also found a good replacement (might blog about that this morning!) xxx