Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Let Your Blood Flow

I should really learn to schedule blog posts ...

Hello! Again! I have my hardest and scariest exam tomorrow, and I've been really upset about it throughout the entirety of my revision as it is not going well. However, I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never know more for it than I do right now, so I'm taking the night off to touch up my roots, clear out my old paperwork, and apparently write another blog post.

As I mentioned in my last one, I went to a Goth club! It was the Goth/industrial night at the QMU in Glasgow and it was a lot of fun. In preparation my new Goth buddy recommended a bunch of music to me as I'd never dabbled in industrial previously, and I am thus far a huge fan. It's basically Goth-appropriate dance music! Here are some of my favourite introductory tracks that have got me into the genre.

Get Your Body Beat - Combichrist

This is one of my favourite songs that I've discovered. Very good for blasting in the car.

The Noise Inside my Head - Assemblage 23

The namesake of my last post is this super catchy song. Assemblage 23 are definitely inspired by Goth which is probably why I like them so much.

Dirty - Grendel

Definitely a heavier, more electronic song here. Fun to thrash around to.

Alive - Assemblage 23

I love the riff in this! Another Assemblage song because this guy's voice is heavenly.

Feed the Fire - Combichrist

I think this one's featured on the Devil May Cry soundtrack. Another great one that's a bit more heavier and influenced by metal, from what I can hear. It is definitely a "shit's going down" song.

In This Together - Apoptygma Berzerk

More of an alternative/electro sound here. After all that, this song is just cute. I've been playing it a lot recently. :)


Hannah said...

Will have to give some of these a listen! I've never really listened to much industrial either, but I should! xxx

Harley said...

If you like NIN then it's a familiar sound. :) x