Monday, May 05, 2014

The Noise Inside My Head

I'm currently in the throes of final exams, but today I studied for six hours straight without realising so I gave myself the night off, and thought I might post on here. :)

Some news: I went to my first Goth club last Saturday night and it was absolutely fantastic! I didn't get a good photo of my outfit but it involved the Motel fishnet dress, a leather bra top, and New Rocks. I was a fan. ;)

I also ordered my first-ever corset from Orchard Corset last month, after seeing a few girls rocking them and finally giving in to my ever-present desire for one. I went for the CS-411 in black satin (I kind of wish I'd gone for the cotton one now, but alas, it looks so pretty!) and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Inspired by both of these I idly put together this collage whilst watching The Vampire Diaries this evening in my Cruella de Vil pyjamas. I am hardcore. It's basically my dream OTT club outfit, complete with feather eyelashes and ridiculous shoes.

(Clockwise: Stargazer 45 feather lashes, Twirly Trinkets choker, Jawbreaker 'Persephone' dress, JC 'Scully' dupes via eBay, Hell Bunny 20" petticoat, Leg Avenue tights, Orchard Corset CS-411 underbust corset, Barry M lipstick in 39.)

My image titles on here are always crazy long. Gotta get dem Google hits. Anyway, I am in love with basically everything on this page, but in particular, the Jawbreaker 'Persephone' dress is just so gorgeous that I'm almost sceptical that it wouldn't look that good in real life. The petticoat underneath is just DREAMY and corset would give everything a lovely shape. The fishnets are just kindling to my Gothic fire and the shoes ... Ah, the shoes. I'm rubbish at heels, so why do I want these? I blame Hannah, as per always. I probably wouldn't team those lashes with black lipstick but they just looked good. Though having finally mastered false lashes on Saturday night after literal years of crippling inability/despondency/laziness I am definitely in the market for a few utterly mental pairs to make me look like the creep I am. Having seen the outfits on Saturday, however, I'm definitely confident that this would fit right in.

Eventually I will post something on here that is not a collage but until then, I hope you enjoy this and if you're curious, the song lyric is Assemblage 23, an industrial band I am getting into a lot.

Good luck if you're doing exams(!!!) and I look forward to another update in my upcoming abundance of free time.

P. S. Excuse my hack job on the Twirly Trinkets choker ... I tried, Penny. I tried. <3


Hannah said...

What an amazing outfit! What you wore to the club sounds awesome as well! I saw pics on Instagram and have total faith it was epic, the hair and makeup certainly was! Definitely regretting not buying that Motel fishnet dress when I had the chance xxx

Harley said...

There's one on eBay just now ... Do it! I got so many compliments on it. ^_^ Will have to get photos next time! xx